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NSK iClave mini dental autoclave
iClave mini dental autoclave control panel
NSK iClave mini dental autoclave
NSK iClave mini dental autoclave

NSK iClave Mini Autoclave


A handpiece autoclave from a handpiece manufacturer, complying with Europe's Class S sterilization standard. The iClave mini sterilizes even the invisible parts of handpieces and is completely portable to use anywhere.

Small Enough to Fit in Any Space
The iClave mini weighs only 15.5kg. Just plug it in and start sterilizing. Its compact and elegant design makes it an ideal fit for any clinic interior.

Effective Sterilization of Hollow Instruments
The iClave mini complies with Europe's Class S sterilization standard. It repeatedly de-aerates to sterilize even the inside of a handpiece.

Fast and Compact but with Large Capacity
The new direct-heating technology around the 2.5litre chamber aims to work and perform like the combination of copper chamber and adaptive heat system. iClave mini is compact in size yet large in capacity while at the same time running fast and efficient cycles.

User-friendly, Easy to Read Operating Panel
With a sophisticated design and excellent visibility, the panel is easy to operate and maintain, with colours changing according to conditions, enhancing sterilization reliability.

A User-Friendly Design
The iClave mini is designed with ease of use and day-to-day maintenance in mind. The smooth, seamless design inside and out as well as with the design of the control panel make it extremely user friendly in every respect.

1 134℃ SOLID 134℃ 4 min S
2 134℃ POROUS 134℃ 14 min S
3 121℃ SOLID 121℃ 20 min S
4 121℃ POROUS 121℃ 30 min S
  • Manufacturer: NSK
  • Product Type: Autoclave
Full Specification
External dimensions (W×D×H) 210 × 320 × 360 mm
Chamber dimensions Ø130 × 200 mm
Chamber capacity 2.5 litre
Net weight 15.5 kg
Maximum power consumption 700W
Supply Voltage CE 230V - 50Hz
Air expulsion system Pressure deaeration
Max Load solid 1 kg
Max Load porous 0.5 kg